Shimano Italia - What Is Gravel?

Grinduro Italy 2023 – Presenting sponsors, Shimano, sent members of United In Gravel to attend the inaugural Grinduro Italy, hosted in Tuscany. Their brief was simple; attend the world’s leading gravel event series and find out the true meaning of gravel.

Throughout the weekend, United In Gravel mingled with the assembled crowd of gravel fans from around the world. They experienced challenging trails, breathtaking scenery and a party like no other. Were they distracted or did they discover the true meaning of Gravel?

Scroll on down to watch the video from United In Gravel. Even if you don’t understand Italian, the results speak for themselves!

Grinduro rider
Grinduro Italia

Gravel - A universal and inclusive language

What is Gravel? There is no single answer to this question; there is not just one definition. Gravel is represented by different people, faces, styles, bikes and terrains. And for this reason gravel, which is diversity, inevitably leads to union. Thanks to its simplicity and freedom, it brings new people to the bicycle, because it speaks a new, universal and inclusive language. A new video that represents all the ways of understanding Gravel. And for you, what is Gravel?

United In Gravel

With United in Gravel, Shimano invite all male and female cyclists, of any level, to get out into the open air to enjoy their bike. The goal is to tackle climbs, speed along dirt roads, paths between fields and asphalt roads, and pedal along city streets and in the urban jungle as best as possible. The pure joy of cycling together in places that leave you speechless. 

Look out for the United In Gravel Lounge at Grinduro events in 2024. Drop in, relax and share a moment with friends. 

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