Since 2015, Grinduro has relied upon many hard-working and passionate individuals within the cycling industry
to support our events. Behind the big logos and slick marketing is a small army of people who love cycling as
much as the Grinduro team do, if not more.

As we all know, the bike industry has been hit by hard times recently. Many of those good folks have been on
the receiving end of a redundancy notice. Some of our closest friends who have previously staffed booths at
Grinduro events in the past are unfortunately now out of work.

As a small organization, we wish we could do more to help than just send them virtual hugs. So, we did some
thinking. What can we do? Many of these guys and gals have stood on booths on their weekends, watching
others ride, no doubt wishing they were out there too on their bikes.

Racing on the road

It’s a small gesture, but Grinduro wants to say thank you to those industry folks recently made redundant by
offering them a free entry to Grinduro. Any Grinduro.

Come and join us at the purple party and remind yourself that cycling is rad and the community and love for
what you’ve done is still strong.

How do you claim your free ticket? Just email the Grinduro team at with your name,
contact details and the Grinduro event you want to go to. We ask that you include proof of your industry
involvement by sharing a business card from your last job (or a LinkedIn profile) and a rough date of when you
were made redundant. We don’t wanna be nosey, but you can bet someone will try it on for a free ticket 😉

We look forward to seeing you on the trails and the dance floor!