Grinduro DATES and locations ANNOUNCED FOR 2024

We know you dig the Perfect Party-to-Race Ratio, so we thought we’d share some super rad news with you! Grinduro, presented by Shimano, WILL be back in 2024! Read on to find out more about the Grinduro dates and locations…

Grinduro’s trademark mix of gravel racing and mountain bike enduro returns in 2024 with 4 of your favourite locations and a totally new stop in Europe, full of va va voom! But lets not get ahead of ourselves here… The Grinduro global tour 2024 starts in Hellenthal, Germany on May 24 – 26 with another challenging tour of the Eifel. 

The Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania play host to Grinduro PA for a third year, with proceeds going to the Pennsylvania Interschoolastic League (PICL) to continue supporting the amazing work they do to get #morekidsonbikes.

Sacre bleu! Grinduro makes its arivee in France for the very first time on June 28 – 30, and the stunning Vosges low mountains of Eastern France will play host to Grinduro’s unique mix of gravel road race and mountain bike enduro. This region has the perfect party-to-race ratio of lush green forests, challenging climbs and unbelievably beautiful vistas.  

Grinduro California, Mt Shasta

No one could possibly resist the charms of Italy and Grinduro is no different! The perfect mix of gravel roads, wild singletrack trails, wall-to-wall sunshine and the most impossibly delicious food imaginable, all stack up to make Grinduro Italy the one of the highlights of anyone’s season. Grinduro Italy will leave the sea behind for our second visit, taking in the stunning mountain views of the Maremma area of Tuscany. Join Grinduro and La Dolce Vita in September, 27 – 29.

What better way to end the Grinduro party season with a crescendo of culture and passion than in Japan?! The pruple party first visited the Land of the Rising Sun in 2019, our return in 2023 was unforgettable, 2024 will be insane! The rugged Alpine region of Japan is undoubtedly THE place for Grinduro and in 2024 the party moves to Nagano on October 12 – 14, to ensure the party is not only bigger, but will feature better camping facilities, even greater trail variety and more opportunity to get loose on the dancefloor!

Racing at Grinduro Italy
Grinduro PA - Pennsylvania stream crossing

When can I ENTER?!

All Grinduro 2024 events will open for entry on December 1st, 2023. On each of our six location pages, you’ll find a registration link… just click that and you’ll be directed straight to the reg page.

Don’t forget to call on your riding buds and get them to sign up too!