For the third year in a row, Grinduro has descended on Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. A sleepy little spot nestled in the Endless Mountains, where it is fair to say, not much really happens. But for one weekend in June.

When Grinduro descends on Elk Creek Escape, the tranquility is interrupted by the sound of music, excitable biker chatter, the click-clack of pedal engagement, chains spinning on cogs… and then there’s the smells. Everything from roasted walnuts (thanks Larry, Larry and Larry), BBQ sauce, French fries and oh, we’re just salivating thinking of it again. Let’s stop now.

Once again, Grinduro Pennsylvania saw crowds from not just the four corners of the State, but from far and wide – Canada, Florida, Italy, Japan, and Wales, to name just a few. The weather had some unreasonable ideas about gatecrashing the party and spoiling things, but soon thought better of it, delivering primo conditions for a big ride through the forests of Sul-Co.

Grinduro Pennsylvania finish line

Grinduro PA is unique in the series for having the most relaxed, party vibe of all our six events. Folk just wanna cruise the 75 miles, roll through the 4 timed stages and hang out with their buds. Regardless, there was still some hot racing going on in the Pro categories, although even these lightning fast guys n’ gals had dialed their Party to Race Ratio further towards the Party. And rightly so!

In the Pro Women category, Shimano’s Meredith Miller, fresh from her category win at Unbound, fought it out in a closely contested battle with Meghan Owens, while in a very close third place, Carrie Greif made sure the pair never had time to pause for breath.

Gordon Wadsworth from Revel found he couldn’t shake his shadow. Williamsport local and PICL member Noah Scholnick hounded the champion all day. From London, Ontario, Adam Robins from Grinduro PA hosts, GT Bicycles, took 3rd place on his GT Grade – definitely taking the party vibe of Grinduro and GT’s mantra of #GoodTimes to heart.

Ultimately though, the race results didn’t matter. It was the community spirit of the riders, the coming together and the unity we all share for the love of cycling.

Grinduro served up heaping scoops of the #spiritofgravel in all sorts of flavors!

Grinduro PA riders
Everyone a winner at Grinduro Pennsylvania


Anyway, what about the most important stuff? Photos!

We’re so stoked to have some great shots from the weekend produced by our pals at Firespire Photography, Bob Writt, Rick Liebert, Jim Moyer and Alex Butler over at the Shimano Photo Booth.

Go grab ’em from the Grinduro Flickr album. Save ’em, print ’em, do whatever. But do cherish those special moments had in Sullivan County.

Watch the wrap Up video!