Grinduro Wales - Columbus Bike & Art Show

Since the start of Grinduro back in 2015, there has always been a search for the perfect bike to use. This search has been led by those who can produce their own visions, the hand built bike builders.

From workshops across the globe, bikes have been created to represent their builders interpretation of what a gravel bike actually is... drop bars, flat bars, skinny tires, fatter tires... nothing is off limits.

Grinduro has always set out to be a champion of these bikes; our courses offering no obvious solutions — forcing reasoned choices, compromise, and sometimes just a refusal to conform to any requirement.

At select rounds of the Grinduro series you will find examples of hand built and crafted bikes within the Columbus Bike & Art Show. We challenge our builders and artists to present what they feel is the perfect Grinduro bike.

Here is a look at the 5 bikes that were presented at the Grinduro Wales Columbus Bike & Art Show 2021.