Schwalbe: set up your tubeless tires like a boss!

Grinduro loves tubeless! We’ve been rolling around on them for a few years with obvious benefits. Without inner tubes, there is no need to worry about dreaded pinch flats which occur when the tube is pinched between the ground and the rim. And, without worrying about pinch flats, you can run much lower tire pressure which means better traction and comfort. Not to mention, if you do get a thorn in your tire or a small tear from an encounter with a rock, the sealant inside your tire can save you from getting a flat.

Less time fixing flats, more time dancing at the afterparty. Win!

But, tubeless tires can be a real pain to set up, done right however, it can be super straightforward. Sit back and follow these simple steps from Grant at Schwalbe. He’s the man with the know how and will help you get your tires seating and sealing first time.

No mess, no fuss. Setup your tubless tires like a boss.

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