Schwalbe pioneer process to keep your old tires out of landfill

Publish Date: May 2 2023

Grinduro might be purple, but we have a green heart, and Grinduro sponsor Schwalbe, has just the kind of uplifting environmental news story we love. The tire brand is proud to be the first bicycle tire manufacturer worldwide, to develop an innovative and holistic tire recycling process: They recycle used tires and use them to produce new ones.

Schwalbe has been developing and producing high-quality bicycle tires for 50 years. In that time, the topic of sustainability has been at the top of company founder Ralf Bohle‘s list of priorities since the first tire rolled off the production line. Since then, the technical boffins at Schwalbe and their research partners, have been working out how used bicycle tires could be recycled.

After decades of research, Schwalbe have now achieved the big breakthrough with the help of the Technical University of Cologne and the recycling specialists of Pyrum Innovations, to launch a process to recycle used tires of all brands - completely without waste. Until now, used bicycle tires were incinerated, the raw materials were lost, and climate-damaging CO2 released into our atmosphere. Now new tires are being made from used ones.

For detailed info and clever science on how Schwalbe and partners Pyrum Innovations recycle bicycle tires, visit:

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Schwalbe x Grinduro Tire Amnesty

At select rounds of the 2023 Grinduro series, riders will be able to take their old tires - no matter how shredded, used and abused they might be - to the Schwalbe booth where they will be safely recycled. After the recycling process your old rubber will find a new life on someone else's wheels, rather than filling up landfill!

Further information on the Schwalbe Tire Recycling at participating Grinduro events will be sent out to registered Grinduro entrants via email in the rider briefing packet. Even if you've no tires to recycle, visit the Schwalbe booth anyways and learn more about this revolutionary process!