Columbus x Grinduro: DaamBuilt

Since the start of Grinduro back in 2015, there has always been a search for the perfect bike to use. This search has been led by those who can produce their own visions, the hand-built bike builders.

From workshops across the globe, bikes have been created to represent their builders interpretation of what a gravel bike actually is... drop bars, flat bars, skinny tires, fatter tires... nothing is off limits.

DaamBuilt gravel bike in frame stand

Grinduro has always set out to be a champion of these bikes; our courses offering no obvious solutions — forcing reasoned choices, compromise, and sometimes just a refusal to conform to any requirement. An ethos echoed by Columbus, who have strived for bicycle perfection since 1919.

Throughout 2021, we have challenged builders and artists to present what they feel is the perfect Grinduro bike and to showcase this in the Grinduro x Columbus Builder Show. We all know that a certain global pandemic has created a chain reaction of events which in some cases have prevented us coming together, in others it has disrupted the supply chain.

Peter Daam, owner and founder of DaamBuilt was hoping to join us at Grinduro Canada, but with components on backorder for what felt like eternity, it was impossible to present his vision of the perfect Grinduro Bike in time for our visit with the purple party in Canada.

DaamBuilt Gravel Bike side profile DaamBuilt Gravel Bike sideways photo

About DaamBuilt

Close up photo of DaamBuilt headtube w: / @daambuilt

Peter Daam started DaamBuilt during his 10 year career as a mechanical engineer. After deciding to 'shift gears' on his career and pursue his dream of building bicycles, Peter moved to Montreal and concentrated on building bicycle frames full time. DaamBuilt creates mountain bikes, gravel, road, and bike packing rigs. Leaning heavily on his engineering background, Peter will custom build a bike to each individual clients riding style, honing-in the geometry and material selection to best suit the rider's needs.

"My goal is to build bicycles and tools to allow others to explore new places and have new adventures."

Peter Daam has a passion for technical details; form follows function on his creations and a big appeal of his approach is that every tiny little detail is considered. Engineering takes precedence.

This bike is a little bit special in that the customer needed a large bike for his lower body and a small for his upper, hence the need for a custom frame. Having commissioned Peter to build him a performance road bike (also from Columbus tubing), it was inevitable he'd come back to DaamBuilt when he required a bike for adventuring on gravel!

transition image

Gravel + Adventure

The design brief was to ensure the frame featured a little flex, for comfort, achieved by selecting a combination of tubing options from the Columbus catalogue including SL, Zona and Life.

  • TT: Columbus SL 8/5/8 25.4mm
  • DT: Columbus Zona 8/5/8 31.7mm
  • ST: Externally Butted Seat Tube D 28.6 x 0.9x0.6x1.2
  • SS: Columbus Zona cyclocross S-bend 16 OD
  • CS: Columbus Life butted road s-bend oval/round 24 OD 7/5

Primarily built around a plump 650b x 45c wheel setup, the DaamBuilt design still has room for 700 x 35c and fenders. Ensuring the practicality of the build lends itself just as well to the commute as it does for bikepacking adventures. There are fender mounts, rack mounts, as well as three water bottle mounts for those long rides. Because it's a gravel bike DaamBuilt also went with mounts for a top tube bag. Nothing too crazy, clean, and simple. A lot of the 'features' was to get the fit right as well as compliance for a smoother ride on gravel.

sideways photo of DaamBuilt bicycle A photo of a DaamBuilt gravel bike