DYEDBRO Gravel Protection Frame Kits

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DYEDBRO have been working on new Frame Protection Kits for bikes with drop bars and they are now ready to go! If you want to protect your snazzy gravel bike frame from nasty scuffs and scratches, but also want it to POP with style, then here's the answer!

Using some of their most popular patterns, DYEDBRO have also added some new designs to create this range purposefully created for gravel, adventure and bikepacking riders.

Having a dedicated cut pattern for gravel bikes means less waste and easier fitting - and the benefits for a gravel bike are protection from velcro/luggage straps, cable rub plus stone and rock damage.

DYEDBRO Gravel Frame Kit toptube

So, what makes these different to DYEDBRO's existing frame protection kits, you may ask?

1.The top tube section is better optimised for the shape of gravel bikes.

2.Seat stays are thinner.

3.There's a single chainstay section.

4.We've included fork protector sections - ideal for those who carry cargo on the fork.

5.3 additional round pieces for cable protection or velcro strap protection

The new Gravel Frame Protection Kits are on sale now, including the Grinduro x DYEDBRO edition! You can check out the full range and order yours at www.dyedbro.com to make your ride the envy of all your buddies!

DYEDBRO Gravel Frame Kit
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DYEDBRO Gravel Frame Kit
DYEDBRO Gravel Frame Kit DYEDBRO Gravel Frame Kit

Gravel bikes can be subject to as much wear and tear as mountain bikes - the carrying of luggage, rough terrain and general adventuring can all take their toll. As DYEDBRO have been riding their adventure bikes more and more over the last few years, they felt it was the right time to make a kit just for them.

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