Grinduro Dates & Locations 2023

Publish Date: January 3 2023

Listen up! Here's the most important six dates you'll write in your calendar this year. Yes, it's the full whammy of dates and locations for Grinduro in 2023!

In 2023, the Grinduro event schedule is to feature six amazing locations including Germany, California, Pennsylvania, Wales, Italy, and Japan! All you got to decide is where in the world will you join the Purple Party for a weekend of Maxin' & Relaxin'.


May 5 - 7, Hellenthal

The Eifel is a region famous for both delighting and torturing cyclists. So no surprise that we chose the Eifel to host such a wild event as Grinduro Germany. But what exactly is Grinduro? It’s a combo of a gravel grinder road race and mountain bike enduro: one long loop on all kinds of terrain, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time, but four timed segments.

The routes are a mix of everything from pavement, gravel and single trail. Grinduro is held in enduro format, with four stages ridden in race mode, the rest of the tour can be enjoyed without time pressure. It's both beautiful and challenging. With a well-balanced mix of paved and unpaved, flat and hilly, fast and technical, social and competitive.

Grinduro GermanyMountain Man
Night lights through the trees Post-ride Celebrations


May 19 - 21, Mt. Shasta

Grinduro California takes you on an unforgettable tour of Mt. Shasta’s incredible dirt roads and singletrack. You’ll experience everything from rough remote gravel roads to smooth swoopy singletrack blanketed in dreamy brown pow. All along the way, you’ll be struck with awe thanks to massive views of Mt. Shasta and the Eddy Mountain Range. Guaranteed, there will be more 'grammable moments than you’ll know what to do with. When you’re riding in Mt. Shasta, you’ll get this feeling that you’re riding in a place that is relatively untapped. The terrain is raw and untouched, giving you a sense of discovery as you pedal through the stunning landscape.

At the same time, you’ll find yourself in an up-and-coming mountain bike mecca. The Grinduro and Grindurito courses take you through the Gateway Trail network, which is one of the most popular XC rides in the Mt. Shasta area. It was professionally built by mountain bike trail builders, and it’s maintained by the local IMBA group, the Mt. Shasta Mountain Bike Association, and the Mt. Shasta Trail Association. This luscious singletrack combines smooth berms with slightly techy rock gardens, and trust us, these trails are a mega fun on drop bars!

Grinduro CaliforniaMountain Man
California Dreamin CA Party Views


JUNE 16 - 18, Sullivan County

As you leave the Grinduro PA campground, you will leave regular life behind. This is by far, the lowest population density of anywhere in PA and possibly across the whole east coast of the USA, so you're more likely to see black bear and whitetail deer than people out here. Anticipation builds as jagged peaks of the Endless Mountains come into view.

Grinduro! Features almost 70 miles of rugged mountain trails, atmospheric woodland, soaring peaks, historic roofed bridges and trails aplenty with four timed races stages. Pennsylvania is quickly becoming one of the USA's must ride destinations, with trails ranging from steep and technical to fast and flowing. In other words, it’s the perfect location to host the perfect Grinduro!

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July 7 - 9, Machynlleth

Your Welsh Grinduro experience begins as you head south, through woodland and quiet lanes towards the famous Artists Valley, and the first special stage of the day. Once in the hills, the views will open up towards Cader Idris and beyond, before our first feed station. The return route takes in spectacular ridges, fast swooping descents and plenty to talk about before lunch back at the Grinduro Village.

The afternoon starts with a gentle warm up before heading into the hills once again. Stunning vistas, waterfalls, steep valleys and superb trails will keep riders challenged before the final descent back to camp. The final stage with it’s mix of Singletrack descents and technical challenge spits you out into the event arena where the party really begins.

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Mach party time The Slab


September 8 - 10, Maremma

Grinduro Italy is located at the stunning PuntAla Camp & Resort, which spreads out inside a Mediterranean pine forest, once the ancient hunting reserve of the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Nestled on the golden beach, you'll have to drag yourself away from the sun lounger and ride into the foothills, up challenging gravel climbs and twisting roads. Up here, you'll once again find yourself distracted by the views before descending down some of the numerous MTB singletrack trails which make PuntAla a mecca for enduro mountain biking... but what they don't know, the gravel riding is just as awesome!

Grinduro ItalyMountain Man
Grinduro Italy preview ride Coastal views


October 7 - 9, Hakuba

Join us in Hakuba, Nagano for a weekend of great mixed terrain cycling which we hope all riders can enjoy the amazing alpine course. Dense forest, alpine vistas, epic trails, the Hakuba valley has it all!

With multiple rides across 3 days, we hope all riders can enjoy the amazing alpine course, the views and the after party.

Off the bike, riders can enjoy fantastic local food, beers and music at the happo festival area - a weekend not to missed in the stunning Hakuba Valley.

Grinduro JapanMountain Man
Grinduro Japan experience Grinduro Japan preview

With 3 days of fun-filled riding, 2 nights of camping, live music, great food and good times and a wild 4 timed stages, your stoke levels will be a mile high at Grinduro!

So what is holding you back? Get planning your #Grinduro2023 party today!