Grinduro Tips from you, the riders!

Words of advice from real riders, not pros

Publish Date: 14th May 2021

We’re only a few months away from the first Grinduro of 2021 and to say we are excited is an understatement! We hope you’re planning and preparing for a lively weekend full of Maxin’ and Relaxin’ at Grinduro!

But how to prepare? What setup should you go with? Should you go fitting wider tires on your gravel bike? What about a dropper seat post?!

We get asked a bunch of stuff every day here at Grinduro HQ. So we thought we'd put it out there on our social media and ask you, the riders for your advice.

Okay, not all of it is sound advice and it's unlikely that Grinduro will be publishing a training manual based on what most of you sent in... but, who cares?

Gear & Setup Tips

This is the big one. That category where everyone has an answer and each one of them very different. Wheel size? 700! No! 650b! Both. Either. Whatever! Man, my 26" is so retro, I'm floating... Truth is, there is no right answer for Grinduro other than what works for you.

How about the kit you should take out on the course with you? No that’s kinda a useful advice that we can all take. A multitool is a must, so too is a spare tube or maybe some tubeless tire worms. The weather can change PDQ up in the mountains, so maybe take an emergency layer you can stash in a jersey pocket - it will save your day (and keep you warm at the feed-zone stops if you end up hanging about waiting for your buddies).

Gear and setup tips

Ok, lets see what you all had to say on the matter...

'Gotta go drop bars, then 650bs and phat at that!'
- @charesque

'The Stan's Dart to fix flats! Ride saver!'
- @heatherrosescott

'Keep it light, it's a well supported ride. 700x42mm on a drop bike is perfect.'
- @chrstn_cmns

'A tubeless repair pack.'
- @thefatgravelrider

'I'll try 650b wheel on 50mm tires.'
- @alexlebelqc

'Tyre pressure and plenty of sealant, goes faster and comfier and less punctures too.'
- @captainchimplington

'Ride what you got!'
- @thedailybike

'Arm and leg warmers are essential. Pack easy on the climb, life savers on the way down.
- @mjsenz

'Bring extra tubes!'
- @briandoll

'Tyres - 40c + tubeless, Blackburn multi tool!'
- @brad4130

Grinduro riders with all the gear

Nutrition Tips

Your Grinduro weekend is bursting with good food and good times. But even with three healthy meals supplied to you on race day, that alone will not be enough to keep the engine running and your legs spinning. It is a big day and a lot of climbing, so you'll need to take some nutritional snacks along for the ride to maintain your energy levels between the official feed stops on route.

Rule #1 is to ensure you drink regular and eat often. For an extended day in the saddle, especially if you're planning on Maxin' it out on course, you want to be taking in small amounts of fluids and nutrition on a continual basis. Look to consume around 200 to 300 calories per hour in solid/gel/liquid form. If you use energy gels, take a mix of flavors because you'll soon get bored of the same old flavour over the course of the day and having some variety to choose from will make you more likely to eat them.

Glugging back the water

And the Grinduro riders say...

- @hamishpaine

- @kuhn_e

'Hair of the dog - make sure you have a cold beer waiting each morning!'
- @rubyrubyroubaiiix

'Beer and pickles'
- @mybucketsgottaholeinit

- @abbeybiketools (OK, we can see a pattern unfolding here...)

- @rowyobike

'Tangfastics, nuff said.'
- @kk.wopat

'All the food'
- @mikmonken_cycles

'Coffee, of Course'
- @shewitt100 (That caffeine kick might just shake off the alcohol...)

'Plenty of beer for carb loading'
- @m.walks1 (Oh, too late)

'If your jersey isn't full of jellybeans, your party to race ratio is off'
- @indigoselvedge (Finally!)

Grinduro riders enjoying a drink

You heard it here folks, there is no wrong because everything is right. Believe in yourself and make Grinduro your perfect party to race ratio!