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DYEDBRO announce new gravel + All Road Frame Protection

Published: May 24 2022

Frame protection gurus, DYEDBRO, have launched a new kit designed specifically for gravel and all road bikes, featuring a new shape and the inclusion of fork protectors too.

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Grinduro meets: Sule Kangangi

Published: May 18 2022

Bringing one of Kenya’s top gravel racers to Europe

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Bike Check: James' Custom Shand

Published: May 9 2022

James from the Grinduro Planning Squad is super proud of his custom Grinduro bike, and we can see why!

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Meet the sponsor: Stu Bowers, SRAM

Published: April 25 2022

Grinduro meets Stu Bowers from SRAM for a lesson in how to find the sweet-spot with your gravel set-up and the joys of segment style racing.

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Mike & Dave, Grinduro Pennsylvania

Published: April 4 2022

Gravel is a way of life for certain individuals and there are no better connoisseurs than Grinduro PA race co-directors Mike Kuhn and Dave Pyror, who are making sure that Grinduro PA has all the trademarks of being an event you shouldn’t miss.

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Meet the promoter: Justi Hansen, Grinduro California

Published: March 16 2022

Meet Grinduro CA’s race co-director who’s spearheading an outdoor renaissance and doing everything in her power to accelerate equity in the outdoors, while bringing Grinduro CA to life.

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Grinduro Switzerland 2022 Cancelled

Published: March 16 2022

Grinduro says a fond farewell to Switzerland, but heads to Germany in the Autumn!

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Flashpoint MVMNT: Kathy & Amanda on Broomwagon Podcast

Published: March 4 2022

Flashpoint MVMNT team riders Amanda and Kathy join Stefano Nucera on the Broomwagon Podcast.

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Columbus x Grinduro: ISEN Workshop

Published: 27th January 2022

Grinduro takes a closer look at the workshop of ISEN Workshop!

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Columbus x Grinduro: Wish One Cycles

Published: 29th November 2021

A closer look at the star of Grinduro Switzerland's Bike & Art Show: Wish One's SUB featuring SRAM and Zipp's new XPLR collection.

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Columbus x Grinduro: Sycip Bicycles

Published: 15th November 2021

Grinduro Bike & Art Show presents Sycip Bicycles and Jeremy's 2021 Grinduro bike build.

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Flashpoint MVMNT at Grinduro Switzerland

Published: 9th November 2021

Flashpoint MVMNT team riders Amanda, Kathy and Nehemiah jump on a plane to the The Land of Alps, Watches, Chocolate and Tough Climbs to experience the inaugural Grinduro Switzerland!

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More cowbell! Memories and friends made at Grinduro Switzerland!

Published: 1st November 2021

The ringing of cowbells and alpenhorns is still stuck on repeat in our ears, but all it does is make us think back longingly to that wild weekend in Switzerland. And that is a good thing!

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Published: 14th September 2021

Introducing DaamBuilt, Canada's supported builder in the Columbus x Grinduro Bike & Art Show.

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Great Grinduro Giveaway - One Year Later!

Published: 2nd September 2021

We check in with Mark Killing, winner of the Gravel Prize Package, one year on from his surprise win in the Great Grinduro Giveaway.

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Race Report - Grinduro Canada 2021

Published: 25th August 2021

Grinduro returned to Canada in sweltering heat, but the party was strong!

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Ride For Unity

Published: 18th August 2021

Ride For Unity is a Global Cycling Community that celebrates the unity & diversity within cycling. Established in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd, their aim is to use representation as a tool to encourage people of all shades, sexes, sizes and sexual orientation to get into cycling.

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