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Grinduro Party People

Publish Date: 21st October 2020

Checking in with our founders. We ask Dain Zeffke a few questions about the history of the Purple Party

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Great Grinduro Giveaway Results!

Publish Date: 21st September 2020

$58,585 Raised for Mt. Shasta Outdoor Recreation & Announcing the Winners!

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Evil bikes - Behind the scene on the Chamois Hagar photo shoot

Publish Date: 13th July 2020

Cal Jelley from Evil didn’t really understand what gravel was, or why you would choose to ride it instead of heading out on his MTB. Then he got the chance to join a promo shoot for Evil’s Chamois Hagar gravel bike and suddenly everything became clear.

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Head for the hills - Grinduro Scotland

Publish Date: 10th July 2020

Canyon UK Customer Service legend Kitty Dennis looks back on her trip last year to Grinduro Scotland. Her first time at a Grinduro event and she managed to make it onto the podium!

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Grinduro - Diversity Matters

Publish Date: 28th June 2020

How will we do a better job promoting diversity?

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Some hazy memories of the inaugural running of Grinduro Scotland. (The wet one)

6th May 2020

Christian and Luke of Outdoor Provisions look back at the the innaugural Arran Grinduro event in Scotland which they both rode in 2017. Known simply as 'the wet one.'

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