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Ride For Unity

Publish Date: 18th August 2021

Ride For Unity is a Global Cycling Community that celebrates the unity & diversity within cycling. Their aim is to use representation as a tool to encourage people of all shades, sexes, sizes and sexual orientation to get into cycling.

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Grinduro Canada is coming!

Publish Date: 17th August 2021

It's the moment we've been all waiting for! The second edition of Grinduro Canada, presented by Evil Bikes, is confirmed and well on its way on the weekend of August 20-22 in Saint-Urbain-de-Charlevoix!

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Inaugural Grinduro Wales is big success

Publish Date: 16th August 2021

After the forced hiatus Grinduro is back kicking off in Wales and once again offering the perfect party-to-race ratio!

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Grinduro Wales Columbus Bike & Art Show

Publish Date: 3rd August 2021

Take a look at the builders of our Grinduro Wales Bike & Art Show sponsored by Columbus.

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Introducing Flashpoint MVMNT

Publish Date: 1st July 2021

Flashpoint MVMNT is determined to break down the barriers that can discourage people from riding bikes.

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Grinduro Tips from you, the riders!

Publish Date: 14th May 2021

Words of advice from real riders, not pros! Tips on how to prepare and what to take to make your Grinduro weekend the ultimate weekend.

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Publish Date: 11th May 2021

Canyon, our bike host for Grinduro Wales and Grinduro Switzerland have released a new gravel bike that delivers the perfect party to race ratio for maxin' and relaxin' at any Grinduro!

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Publish Date: 1st April 2021

Registration opens on Sunday, April 25, at 6:00pm PDT! Grinduro CA always sells out quick, so mark your calendar, set an alarm, even put a sticky note on your computer monitor. You don’t want to miss this!

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Publish Date: 12th March 2021

The waiting is over, entries go live for our first ever Grinduro in mainland Europe

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Grinduro Gazette, February Edition

Publish Date: 9th February 2021

Your latest helping of all the news and views from the world of Grinduro!

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Grinduro returns to Canada! Tickets launch 14th January.

Publish Date: 13th January 2021

Rejoice! Grinduro returns to the beautiful region of Charlevoix, Québec with hosts, Evil Bikes.

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Grinduro Wales 2021 Ticket Sales Launch 3rd January

Publish Date: 23rd December 2020

The Grinduro tour arrives in Wales on 24th July 2021. Tickets for the definitive gravel cycling event go on sale 3rd January 2021.

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Canyon x Outdoor Provisions Competition Winner

Publish Date: 18th November 2020

We’re pleased to announce the winner of the Canyon x Outdoor Provisions experience for two at Grinduro Wales.

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Grinduro Party People

Publish Date: 21st October 2020

Checking in with our founders. We ask Dain Zeffke a few questions about the history of the Purple Party

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Great Grinduro Giveaway Results!

Publish Date: 21st September 2020

$58,585 Raised for Mt. Shasta Outdoor Recreation & Announcing the Winners!

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Publish Date: 24th August 2020

The middle of October 2020 was due to be the date when the Grinduro express rocketed into mid-Wales and painted the landscape a vivid purple hue. We had hoped to bring the ultimate party:race ratio to the town of Machynlleth.

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Publish Date: 24th August 2020

This was the year that Australia had hoped to say G’day to Grinduro - the event that seamlessly blends epic gravel riding, stage racing and of course a legendary party. We had plans, we had dreams, but some bl**dy virus had other ideas!

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Publish Date: 17th August 2020

Is your Party to Race Ratio dialed with nowhere to use it? Is a lack of Maxin' & Relaxin' getting you down? Are you craving the good vibes of Grinduro? Then read on...

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Publish Date: 23rd July 2020

Canyon and Outdoor Provisions are combining forces for a mega prize fund for Grinduro Wales. After a summer of cancelled events, we're hyped that the ultimate Party:Race ratio experience is on the horizon.

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Grinduro Gazette - July 2020

Publish Date: 15th July 2020

For the northern hemisphere it's mid-summer, which means dry, dusty trails, plenty of sunshine and the chance to get out and ride. So here to help boost your enthusiasm for riding even higher is the July edition of the Grinduro Gazette.

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Evil bikes - Behind the scene on the Chamois Hagar photo shoot

Publish Date: 13th July 2020

Cal Jelley from Evil didn’t really understand what gravel was, or why you would choose to ride it instead of heading out on his MTB. Then he got the chance to join a promo shoot for Evil’s Chamois Hagar gravel bike and suddenly everything became clear.

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Head for the hills - Grinduro Scotland

Publish Date: 10th July 2020

Canyon UK Customer Service legend Kitty Dennis looks back on her trip last year to Grinduro Scotland. Her first time at a Grinduro event and she managed to make it onto the podium!

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Grinduro - Diversity Matters

Publish Date: 28th June 2020

How will we do a better job promoting diversity?

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Grinduro - Gravelling into the future

Publish Date: 23rd June 2020

Set your stoke levels to 11 - it's the latest edition of the Grinduro Gazette - our monthly round-up of Grinduro news from around the globe!

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Grinduro Canada 2020 is postponed until next year

Publish Date: 11th June 2020

Many of us hoped to witness the second Canadian edition of the Grinduro. After the unforgettable experience last year, we were overflowing with ideas to make the August 29 weekend as crazy as the Grinduro, this unique event where fun is as important as racing...

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Grinduro Gazette

May Edition 2020

All the news from across the globe on everything Grinduro!

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Grinduro Wales presented by Canyon rescheduled to Saturday the 10th of October 2020

6th May 2020

It has become clear that even with certain measures easing it would not be possible to safely deliver the event in June. The health and safety of you all, our team, sponsors and the local community is of the utmost importance to us

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Some hazy memories of the inaugural running of Grinduro Scotland. (The wet one)

6th May 2020

Christian and Luke of Outdoors Provisions look back at the the innaugural Arran Grinduro event in Scotland which they both rode in 2017. Known simply as 'the wet one.' Outdoors Provisions are one of the sponsors of the Grinduro Wales event which is scheduled for the 25th July.

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Grinduro Switzerland 2020 postponed until 2021

28th April 2020

Grinduro would have celebrated its Swiss premiere in Lenzerheide from 26 to 28 June 2020. The first edition of the event is now being postponed until summer 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Grinduro - Past, Present & Future

Gazette - April 2020

In the five short years since its inception, GRINDURO! has become the rallying cry for a movement that is captivating cyclists of all types across the world.

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Grinduro - 2020 Rebooted

Gazette - March 2020

It will come as no surprise that the Grinduro team live and breathe gravel riding and make sure our events offer our riders the perfect party to race ratio!

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Gazette - January 2020

In 2020 Grinduro once again is packing up its suitcase and heading on its travels - bringing the perfect party to race ratio to both new and existing audiences.

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Gazette - December 2019

For 2020, Grinduro’s growth will continue, with six events planned between June and December.

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