Introducing Flashpoint MVMNT

A new kind of bike team

Publish Date: 1st July 2021

Our friends over at Giro had the idea for a gravel team a long time ago, but nothing came together that felt just right. Then during the pandemic, when the project really started to come together, they realized something different from a traditional podium-chasing team made the most sense now. How do you grow the sport of cycling, show all these new riders there’s a place to make their own, no matter where, what, or why they ride? So, with the help of Canyon Bicycles, SRAM/Zipp/RockShox, Wahoo, Thule and WTB, Flashpoint MVMNT was formed.

The Flashpoint MVMNT team consists of Kathy Pruitt, Andrew Jackson, Amanda Schaper, and Nehemiah Brown. These four riders from different backgrounds are united in a common goal to introduce new audiences to cycling, determined to break down the barriers that can discourage people from riding bikes. They’re committed to proving that riders don’t need a specific look or uniform to feel comfortable cycling – something all Grinduro-goers can definitely appreciate! Riders should not be defined by skin color, gender, body type, cultural background, household income or their equipment preferences. Even the terms “road cyclist”, “gravel rider”, and “mountain biker” are outdated names that all-to-often constrain riders to artificial categories.

Riding the Grizl

The Flashpoint riders know a cool party when they see one and they'll be turning up to a Grinduro near you soon. To shred trails and share the good times with all you riders. Check in at the Giro booth at Grinduro events in 2021, grab some stickers, and maybe even join Flashpoint for a chill ride! To join the MVMNT, all we ask is that you bring an open mind and introduce yourself to at least one new rider you don’t know. We’re all here for a good time – and good times are always better together.

Railing the Canyon Grizl