Grinduro CA is ON for September 18!

Registration Opens Sunday, April 25th at 6:00pm PDT!

Publish Date: 1st April 2021

It has officially been WAY too long since the Grinduro family has gathered for good times in California. We cannot wait to get the band back together this year for some good ol’ maxin’ and relaxin’! Grinduro California takes place on September 18 in beautiful Mt. Shasta, a place uniquely touched by all four seasons and watched over by a legendary 14,179’ snow-capped mountain.

The new Grinduro CA course takes you on an unforgettable tour of Mt. Shasta’s incredible dirt roads and singletrack. You’ll experience everything from rough remote gravel roads to smooth swoopy singletrack blanketed in dreamy brown pow. All along the way, you’ll be struck with awe thanks to massive views of Mt. Shasta and the Eddy Mountain Range. Guaranteed, there will be more grammable moments than you’ll know what to do with.

Want to join the fun? Registration opens on Sunday, April 25, at 6:00pm PDT! Grinduro CA always sells out within minutes, so mark your calendar, set an alarm, and even put a sticky note on your computer monitor. You don’t want to miss this!

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The Grinduro Shasta Experience!


Last fall, we invited some friends to do a recon ride of the new Grinduro course. Judging by all the hootin’ and hollerin’ on that ride, we’d say everybody gave the course a big stamp of approval. We asked some of the people on that ride to share their insider intel on what you have to look forward to in Mt. Shasta…

What do you love about the new Grinduro CA course?

  • Jason Moeschler (mastermind at Evil Bikes): I've only seen Mt. Shasta from the car on I-5. The Grinduro course gives you so many different angles to view the mountain. The scenery is completely amazing. The track itself is a real handful for any type of rider. Climbers have their place to shine, downhillers will make back tons of time on the descents and mountain bikers will feel right at home on the super loose climbs and singletrack. Overall, the course has a shiny new car aspect to it - not many people have ridden in this region so we are all in for a helping of a new favorite place to ride.

  • Jessica Chan (Grinduro enthusiast): I love the different scenery! Seeing the views Mt. Shasta throughout the course is amazing. I also love the flowy singletrack!

  • Kyle Jax (Evil Bikes pro rider): Honestly, there’s so much to love. What hits the top of the list for me are the miles of proper single track that will fire up any mountain biker and views that will take your breath away.

Describe the Grinduro CA course in five words or less:

  • Jason: Shiny New Feeling

  • Jessica: A party on wheels

  • Kyle: Rowdy, steep and beautiful views
Snaking Singletrack Action

What is your ideal bike setup for the Grinduro CA course?

  • Jason: Gravel Bike with Dropper Seat Post. Mountain Bike 10-52 gearing with a fairly robust 700x50c tire

  • Jessica: My ideal set up is a flat bar rigid bike with fast rolling 2.2" tires

  • Kyle: Evil Chamois Hagar with SRAM Eagle AXS and 50c Maxxis Ramblers

Give the Grinduro riders some secret insider info from your time in Mt. Shasta...

  • Jason: Don't discount the time you can make on the downhill

  • Jessica: If you thought China Grade at the original Grinduro CA in Quincy was hard, wait until you see what Mt. Shasta has in store for you. ;)

  • Kyle: Do yourself a huge favor and pick up a dropper post before the race ;)

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All the views


Grinduro California has made an exciting commitment to FTW (femme, trans, women) participants for the 2021 event. 50% of the registration spots are reserved for women and cyclists from across the gender spectrum, including riders who identify as trans and/or non-binary. We also have an Open Gender category to make sure everybody knows they are welcome at this event. Heck yeah!

  • Jason: Cycling helps foster a healthy lifestyle for any age, race or gender. Thanks to Grinduro for encouraging as many people to get on bikes as possible. I believe more people on bikes will make the world better in all aspects of life.

  • Jess: This is important to me, because as a woman, I always want to see more diversity in the bike community. This is making it more accessible for others to consider coming to Grinduro and having the opportunity to see what the fun is all about!
Happy group of Grinduro riders

To welcome new people to cycling and gravel racing, Grinduro CA is inviting 25 riders from under-represented communities to participate with free, sponsored entries. We can’t wait for new people into the Grinduro family!

  • Jason: I've been that young starving cyclist who didn't have enough money to get to a race. Grinduro is an event flourishing with great people and endless opportunity. Maybe a new racing star will be born. Maybe a lifetime friend will be made. Maybe a career opportunity will present itself. Grinduro is giving people a chance to reach higher.

  • Jess: I love seeing things become more accessible to everyone, regardless of where you come from. Bikes are for everyone, so everyone should be given the opportunity to participate.

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