Distant Relatives – Grinduro

A love of Maxin’ & Relaxin’ unites riders around the globe

Since its inception, GRINDURO! has become the rallying cry for a movement that is captivating cyclists of all types (road racers, urban fixed gear riders, mountain bike riders) across the world.

While people have been riding drop bar cyclocross-style bikes on singletrack trails for decades, Grinduro’s magic formula of Maxin’ & Relaxin’ – with four short, timed stages over an all-day adventure route, mixed with a festival atmosphere, camping and an epic party – makes for an unforgettable experience.

This video documents a handful of pro riders (Meredith Miller, Tydeman Newman, Carl Decker and Barry Wicks) as they follow the global Grinduro circuit from Scotland to Canada to California to Japan. While each location boasts a special set of charms, the people that they meet all the way make the journey worthwhile.

Produced by Grinduro’s founding sponsor, Giro Sport Design.

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