Diversity Matters to Grinduro!

How will we do a better job promoting diversity?

People are hurting right now, but the truth is, for so many outraged, this is just a taste of what so many black people across the world have had to endure, probably their entire lives. As individuals, companies, and organizations seek to make the changes necessary to contribute towards a better society, Grinduro is also working to make changes – but not just for right now. Not just a statement for right now. Not just words. We want actual change.

Black Lives Matter. It seems so crazy that we [all] have to say this, and frustrating to know how little progress has been made since the Civil Rights era. The racial injustices that plague our society sadden and anger us. Inequality is everywhere, and we see that in those affected by COVID-19. Inequality is widespread and we know we have a role to play.


As you may know, we have committed to making our events more gender inclusive, and we are also working to make our events more racially inclusive too. Diversity matters to us and we relish being an event made up of the widest range of people. We’ve outlined here a few steps we’re taking to welcome BIPOC riders to our events:

This is just step one

We are working to broadcast unheard voices and support this cause where we can most effectively. If you have thoughts and ideas, we’d love to hear them.