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400 million years ago, like a big hunk of gravel racing to Earth from the confines of space, a meteorite hit the Canadian Shield and its Laurentian massif here in Charlevoix. It is this phenomenal shock that created the breathtaking landscapes and rugged terrain that make the Charlevoix region famous, and a place that delights (or tortures) cyclists.

It is thus no surprise that Cycles Devinci chose Saint-Urbain-de-Charlevoix, in the heart of this prolific crater, to host such a wild event as Grinduro Canada. But what exactly is a Grinduro? It’s a combo of a gravel grinder road race and an enduro: one long loop on all kinds of terrain, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time, but four timed segments.


Dear Grinduro friends, the safety of the participants is our top priority. We have postponed the event until 2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. More news can be found here.

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Maxin' and Relaxin' Loop

The new route for 2020 was designed by VéloCharlevoix’s forest riders, with Saint-Urbain at the start and finish: an “intra-crater” trip, orbiting through roughly 107 km of oscillating unevenness, with a 1800 m elevation gain. And for those who wants to give it a try, the Grindurito offers a shorter distance

    • Event HQ: Saint-Urbain
    • Elevation: 1800 m
    • Distance: 107km
    • Terrain: Oscillating unevenness
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