We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us in the Sierra, and we can’t wait to get the party started. There’s going to be ton of awesome stuff going on; we’ll share more detail on the 2019 agenda with you soon.

2018 Race Results

You can download the complete results here. Please note; these results may have additional updates. If you notice any discrepancies with your time, please contact the timing company Bike Monkey via email at info@bikemonkey.net. These results are as of 10/2/2018




  • Pro Men
  • Pro Women
  • Junior Men 13-18
  • Men 30 & Under
  • Men 31-40
  • Men 41-50
  • Men 51-60
  • Men 61+
  • Junior Women 13-18
  • Women 30 & Under
  • Women 31-40
  • Women 41-50
  • Women 51+
  • Singlespeed open ages
  • Tandem open ages*
  • Grindurito open ages*


In short, Grinduro is just what the name suggests: Gravel Road Race + Mountain Bike-Style Enduro = one long loop of pavement and dirt, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time, but four timed segments (each roughly five-to-ten minutes).
But Grinduro is not just a bike race. It’s a celebration of cycling with as much emphasis on the fun as the ride, with excellent food, an impressive display of art and incredible handmade bikes, live music, camping and a festival atmosphere.

The course is a serious affair (7,500-feet of climbing in 60 miles) but the Grinduro isn’t meant to be a sufferfest. We’ve linked together some of our favorite roads in a quiet corner of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. The course features a mix of surfaces (smooth pavement, gravel and hard-packed dirt) with two main climbs, one long valley and two world-class descents. One descent includes a fast and flowy singletrack trail. The other descent trends downhill for 30 miles!

With a Gran Fondo-style mass start from Quincy, you’ll be pedaling out of town and up the first climb alongside your heroes and the pace will be conversational—because overall time doesn’t matter, only the four timed segments. The Grinduro segments are designed to reward the most well rounded of rouleurs.


The Grinduro course features a blend of pavement, dirt road, gravel road and singletrack.

      • Riders must obey all applicable traffic laws during the event and are encouraged to use common sense, keep their head up and stay in their lane of travel. At no time will there be a closed road.
      • For the first 3 miles (paved section to County 403 Road) riders in the peloton will have full use of the right lane of travel, but cannot ride left of the yellow line into the oncoming lane at any time during the ride.
      • Once the route changes to dirt road, riders must obey all traffic laws and use common sense, keeping their speed under control.
      • Riders should expect vehicle traffic on all roads, along with ATVs, motorcycles, livestock and wild animals. Stay in your lane and follow the rules of the road.
      • Once a rider is dropped from the main peloton they must ride as far right as possible in single formation. This applies to both the pavement and dirt sections.


Be cool, have fun and enjoy the ride. Those are the rules!

For those of you who need things spelled-out, here you have it…

        1. All riders are required to wear an approved helmet and cannot remove it at any time while riding.
        2. No support or follow vehicles are allowed. Aid stations will be well stocked and able to handle participant’s needs.
        3. Riders must ALWAYS obey traffic laws and strictly obey any law enforcement persons or official ride personnel. In the interest of your own safety, you should always assume the same level of vigilance in riding your bike during the event that you would under normal circumstances.
        4. Headphones/ear buds are NOT permitted during a ride.
        5. Riders must respect the directions of all course marshals at all times. If you’re told to stop by a course marshal, moto official, uniformed officer or otherwise, YOU MUST STOP!
        6. All riders must attend the “riders’ meeting” held at the staging area 15 minutes prior to the event.
        7. The responsibility of keeping on the prescribed course rests with the rider. A rider may not leave the prescribed course unless escorted by public authorities or a ride official.
        8. Shortcutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks or course is not permitted and may result in disqualification. A rider is required to stay on the designated route. It is the rider’s responsibility to know the designated ride route. Lack of tape or barriers will not constitute an excuse for cutting the course.
        9. Laws and ordinances of appropriate jurisdictions shall be observed during participation in the event.
        10. A rider may be disqualified for damaging or destroying public or private property. A rider may be held liable for all cost associated with the damage or destruction.
        11. Grinduro officials reserve the right to make changes to the course, delay start times and/or postpone the event as necessary for safety or security purposes or at the request of permit issuers.


In addition to fame and glory each winner will take home a little something special. Best of luck!


THE BEST BIKE: You can ride any type of pedal-driven bicycle (no electric-pedal assist!), although we recommend a cyclocross bike or mountain bike. The ultimate setup is probably a disc brake-equipped cyclocross bike with fast-rolling, tubeless clincher tires. Be prepared with at least two extra tubes, a multi-tool and mini-pump.

A WORD OF WARNING: It’s rough in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Seriously rough. On our recent course pre-ride we had nine flats in our small group, with one flat on a 4×4 Toyota truck and one on a Mercedes wagon. If you come out on your road bike with inner tubes in your tires, you’re almost guaranteed to end up finishing on foot, if at all.

We’ll be at high elevation in the fall, so bring layers—ideally arm/leg warmers and a jacket—just in case weather rolls in.

There will be feed zones (and an excellent lunch!), but smart riders will bring at least two water bottles and their favorite nutritional supplies.

You can ride this loop in road shoes with road pedals, but we recommend mountain bike pedals and shoes for their versatility.

And don’t take the start line without a helmet on!