Grinduro Gazette - July 2020

July 15th, 2020

​For the northern hemisphere it's mid-summer, which means dry, dusty trails, plenty of sunshine and the chance to get out and ride. So here to help boost your enthusiasm for riding even higher is the July edition of the Grinduro Gazette.

Evil Bikes - Behind the scene on the Chamois Hagar photo shoot

Behind the scenes photoshoot

We park up as snow starts to fall, paper-like, from dark heavy looking sky. Harts Pass runs up from the Mazama Store, an old school gas station in Washington State that serves great coffee and cake along with what I presume is less tasty fuel from its over 50 year old pumps. We’re up here to capture the zones you can get to on our sleek, slack and all black gravel invention and as we pedal off from the car to start filming, with the snow now falling substantially, I’m hoping that finally I will understand what gravel is…? Check out the rest of Cal's story and beautiful photography here.

Do you want to run a dropper post on your gravel rig?

SRAM Dropper Options

With Grinduro courses featuring a mix of trail types and surfaces, you never know exactly what's around the corner. There are times where a short steep section of downhill trail might feel safer if you can get your saddle out of the way. If you use SRAM kit on your gravel bike, then they have just the thing for you - they've been working on Force 1, Rival 1 and Apex 1 hydraulic brake levers with built in functionality for actuating cable-operated dropper posts. These new levers are going to be available to buy from your local SRAM dealer soon, but in the meantime you can get advanced look at them here.

Ferries, whisky and gravel - Kitty Dennis from Canyon UK heads for the hills

Grinduro Scotland

Grinduro, an event where gravel meets enduro. A race with 1650m of elevation over 84km and four gruelling timed sections. But Grinduro Scotland was much, much more than that. Starting on the Friday night and ending on the Sunday this was a whole biking experience combined with that touch of Scottish Island magic. To read the rest of Kitty's story, check out the link here.

Pocket pies - the perfect mid-ride snack?

SRAM Pocket Pies

The team at SRAM sent us this brilliant recipe for pocket pies which sound like an ideal home-made mid-ride snack. Everyone loves a pie don't they (the Grinduro team do anyway!) so we're going to have to try these out. We're going to freestyle and make them rectangular instead though - that way they would be the perfect shape for a jersey pocket.

Grinduro - welcome to our party

Grinduro, Welcome to our party

This year we're not going to be able to see as many of you as we would like, so we figured that if you can't come to our party, we'll bring the party to you instead! We're going to be going behind the scenes of Grinduro and chatting with many of the folks that make the events what they are. We're going to be putting together a series of video blogs - let us know if you have suggestions of people you would like us to chat to or questions you would like us to ask - the contact form is the best way to get in touch.

Grinduro California postponed until 2021

Rider in Grinduro jersey at Mt Shasta

The Grinduro California organizers have been all out maxin' as they try to figure out how to make this year's event in Mt. Shasta possible. Sadly, given the continual rise of COVID-19 cases in California and the USA, it has become necessary to postpone the 2020 event. But don't worry! Just because Grinduro CA is postponed doesn't mean the organizers are relaxin'... They're already working hard on next year's event in Mt. Shasta, which is scheduled for September 18, 2021! Everybody involved can’t wait to reconnect with our Grinduro family, and waiting until 2021 will make the reunion that much sweeter. If you are registered for the 2020 event, check your email or visit the Grinduro California website for next steps on your registration fee options.

That's it for this month.

Stay safe and see you on the Grinduro trails soon.