Grinduro Canada 2020 is postponed until next year

Published: 11th June 2020

​Many of us hoped to witness the second Canadian edition of the Grinduro. After the unforgettable experience last year, we were overflowing with ideas to make the August 29 weekend as crazy as the Grinduro, this unique event where fun is as important as racing...

Then came Covid-19. When the Quebec government declared that all festivals, cultural and sporting events were to be cancelled until August 31, we thought: “JACK POT! The Grinduro is all three: a festival, plus a cultural and sporting event! We’re pretty special, so we’ll surely be the exception!” Unfortunately not.

We really tried everything to keep hope alive – we even thought up a reduced format of the event. We imagined all possible scenarios! Changing the mass start for a masked start. Replacing the GIRO barber chair with a Purell manicure station. Having a country show out in a field with socially distanced line dancing…

Then we realized the obvious. The spirit of Grinduro is community. The fun of being together, exchanging, eating, riding, camping and celebrating together! Distorting such a beautiful event is not an option; we prefer to get even more pumped and meet back in 2021.

Grinduro Canada

The new date will be announced as soon as possible. Until then, your registration is automatically transferred to next year and yes, we will honour the same price, at least for those already registered! If you can’t participate in Grinduro Canada 2021, you can request a refund but we’ll have to wait until the new date is announced. We’ll send out the news by email as soon as we know more.

The summer will be very sad without the Grindurian purple... Fortunately, it’s only a matter of time until we meet again! And as schedules are pretty empty this summer, the organizers have plenty of time to brainstorm and prepare for 2021. Chances are, it'll be the wildest Grinduro yet!

Until then, if you’re missing the Charlevoix landscapes, you can still head out there for a visit this summer! As for us, we’ll see you in 2021!