Grinduro Australia Postponed until December 2021

Published: 24th August 2020

​ This was the year that Australia had hoped to say G’day to Grinduro - the event that seamlessly blends epic gravel riding, stage racing and of course a legendary party. We had plans, we had dreams, but some bl**dy virus had other ideas!

We went back to the drawing board many times to keep the good ship Grinduro afloat. Despite hatching plans like doubling the marquee size, designing gangsta Grinduro face masks and plotting socially distant silent discos we sadly came to the realization - 2020 is not our year.

First off, while nothing is impossible, with the current risks, border closures and gathering restrictions now is the time to stay safe and stay local. We all need to do our bit to stop the spread and our top priority is keeping you and our community safe.

We know you’re as gutted as we are, but like any good Aussie battler we won’t let this stop us. We’ve locked the date in for 2021 and see this as an opportunity to make the event even better!

Falls Creek Event Supervisor Nick Buckley explained “Despite our best efforts Falls Creek Resort Management and Grinduro Global today made the difficult decision to postpone the Grinduro Australia event until December 2021. We know how disappointed our riders, sponsors and community will be. However, we have to keep people safe first and foremost and it’s clear to everyone that unfortunately, now is not the time to host this amazing event.”

Grinduro Australia 2020 Postponed

“Rest assured though, Grinduro Australia is going to be bigger, better and more epic on December 4th 2021. We’ve lined up the most spectacular gravel riding route in the High Country, we have stunning local food for hungry racers to feast on, and we are planning a post event party to end all parties.”

Despite the setback to the event, Falls Creek will be open this summer and Buckley encouraged riders to head to the High Country to get a feel for the scale of the riding and warmth of the hospitality available.

“We know riders will be itching to get out and about as soon as they are able to this Summer. While we can’t invite them to the Australian leg of this awesome event our resort, and the local businesses within, are ready to welcome them. The gravel riding on the Bogong High Plains rivals the best in the world and I’d encourage riders looking for a new destination to come and have an adventure at Falls Creek.”

Falls Creek Alpine Resort is open year-round for mountain adventures and Grinduro Australia is set to return to the High Country on Sat 4th December 2021.